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Stopped in for the first time. My mother-in-law needed a part for her hearing aids and had not had any success anywhere else in town other than they wanted to sell her new hearing aids. Linda was wonderful. Found what we needed for the repair, cleaned them and checked the fit and gave us a website to order more when needed. Linda was so helpful and kind. Will definitely go back if we are in need of ANY other services. Thanks Linda.
Anna Marie Cooper, on Google
Hello, Lance Michaels here. I have been doing business with Advanced Hearing nearly the whole time we've lived in Montrose, 16 years and where I purchased my first hearing aid. Linda has been here nearly the whole time and so glad she has her own office here. She has provided me the best care and most accurate assessments and adjustments of anybody over all these years. She is caring and a first class professional in all matters concerning my hearing needs. Starkey should hold Linda up as a testimony to the very best in customer care and service. Brian has been there a short time but is equally customer service oriented and I'm sure supports Linda very well. Thank you for all of the help in improving my quality of life through improved hearing. And TAKE VERY GOOD CARE OF LINDA AND DON'T LET HER GO ANYWHERE! Best regards, Lance 2000 Walden Drive, Montrose CO 81401
Lance and Lori Michaels, on Google
We travel and are not always in montrose colorado.when I've had trouble with my hearing aids,they have fix them at no cost even when I didn't buy them from them.great service with a smile.
Fred Hanmore, on Google
Brian Bennett is an extremely courteous and professional Hearing Specialist who has demonstrated as much care for me as a client as he does in promoting the sale of state of the art hearing aids. He is completely honest in explaining his diagnosis of my hearing loss tests performed at his office, and in approximately 10 years of my experience with his company, he has never attempted to oversell me on an upgrade on hearing aid instruments even though I am certain advanced improvements are available. More than once he has told me "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Brian has never failed to have me remove my hearing aids for adjustment and cleaning every time I walk into his office. There is never a concern over complete warranty coverage with Brian and his products, and in all honesty, he will remind his clients to let him send the hearing aids in for factory inspection, replacement of worn parts, adjustment, and cleaning at any time he believes the manufacturer's factory may be able to improve upon any corrective work he may perform. He even went as far as to remind me that I should let him send my hearing aids in for a complete factory inspection, parts replacement, adjustment, and cleaning when my warranty period was within one week of expiring!
Robert Hatcher, on Google
Most recently my wife Gail accompanied me to the office to do a test of my ability to hear both with and without hearing aids. Gail spoke to me from across the room and I repeated the words that I heard. After the test my hearing aids were adjusted and a repeat test was performed. We appreciated the professional manner of the audiologist and the receptionist. Thank you.
Gail Fox, on Google

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