I chose advanced hearing solutions hoping to have made the right choice. Right from the beginning I knew Linda would be my answer to better hearing. Her hearing test was very thorough and pleasant. She explained what she was doing and how everything worked. When I receive my hearing aids she showed me how they worked, how to take care of them and what I should expect. I feel very comfortable wearing my hearing aids and can hear so much better. Linda is very good at what she does. I would recommend her to all my friends who are wanting to improve their hearing. Brenda
Brenda Rawlings, on Google
Overall excellent rating. Professional, first class and friendly service from initial examination through fitting and pickup. Very thorough exam and presentation of results and options for my 1st set of hearing aids. Never felt rushed, or hurried. Linda took all the time needed to answer my questions and concerns. I came to her via a 3rd party provider recommended by Blue Cross / Blue Shield, my health insurance carrier. Very happy with the complete process. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to improve their hearing. Thank you Linda...
Bob Vogler, on Google
My name is Rosie Lowe and this is my second pair of hearing aids I got from Advanced Hearing Solutions here in Montrose. My first ones lasted me over 6 years before one having a small break which was not repairable. I loved my first ones and was kind of worried about getting new ones. I have to tell you, Linda was amazing as always! Worked with me every step of the way, was not pushy or trying to make a sale. She showed me my options and then she placed my order which I received about a week or so later. I absolutely love my new ones! I cannot even feel them in my ears and they are so easy to use. I went for years without hearing aids and found myself staying home, avoiding friends simply because I could not hear! I finally got smart and had my hearing tested and got hearing aids. I love them! Linda and Advanced hearing Solutions are beyond 5 star to me! Nice people and very helpful! I highly recommend them!
james lowes, on Google
Excellent experience with Advanced Hearing. I was exploring a new hearing aid and Linda Boyd, the provider took time to answer all questions. The pros and cons were clearly stated without a hard sell. Ultimately, I did purchase a new hearing aid which arrived timely and am enjoying the ongoing support as I adapt to the new aids. I would highly recommend.
Denise Farley, on Google
My husband and I visited this business and had hearing tests done at the same time. She explained what we were experiencing in layman's terms. She spent the necessary time with us educating us on hearing loss. This was our baseline hearing test and we were very comfortable with the process.
Theresa Ely, on Google

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